Fitness connects the mind, body, heart and soul in ways that ultimately lead to better well-being. We must work to keep fit in every area of our lives—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

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“Squat. Rise. Repeat”.

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“Taste the rainbow.” 🌈 

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“Deep breath in then, slow & steady release.”

An 8 photo collage of Steph E exercising in the outdoors with light arm weights.

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Stephanie Edwards

Thanks for visiting my site 😊

This blog reflects my research and experience on fitness, health and wellness.

Fitness is ONE of my many passions. It has always been incorporated into my day-to-day. I enjoy participating in aerobic activities and reading up on the latest fitness trends. In my early years, I was a member of several dance teams. I also took drop-in hip-hop and jazz dance classes at the National School of Ballet and was a member of a prominent step dance team.

My values are found in faith and family. The best words to describe me are creative, artistic and active. I love to sing, read, write and plan events. My favourite novel genres to read are faith-based, romance, suspense, mystery, Greek tragedy and horror. I don’t like to watch horror movies, but I can read the books. My creative writing projects include blogs, songwriting, critiques and so on. I have a background in vocal music. In my spare time, I perform songs at concerts and open mics.

Community involvement makes up a portion of my journey. I’ve volunteered for many organizations and events in my city, such as Oprah’s Life Class Tour, Back 2 Back Blue Jays World Series Gala, Creflo Dollar Ministries World Tour and many more.

As a traveller, I’ve visited Florida, Cuba, Atlanta, Jamaica, New York and more. French, Spanish and American Sign Language (ASL) are languages I am skilled in but my native speech is English.

I’m an avid learner who invests in lifelong learning. I always look forward to the next big adventure.

I hope this blog motivates you to begin or maintain a fitness lifestyle. Let’s get it!

Peace, Love & Fitness,


P.S. All written works on this site are authentically written by authentically me.

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